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As you become familiar with our community's social communications tools, you will find two main portals being used for information sharing in this neighborhood. One portal will be the website you are presently on, which is hosted by HRW, Inc. (the homeowner’s management agency we have contracted here in Ethan's Glen). This website will be used for formal communications (Minutes of the Meetings our volunteer Board of Directors holds routinely, documents and by-laws, etc.) between our Board of Directors, HRW, Inc., and all homeowners. The content on this website will be overseen by HRW, Inc., and final content release will be authorized by our Homeowner's Board of Directors.
The other portal will be an application called Nextdoor (see link below), which will function as our unofficial neighborhood communications tool. Homeowners can post any type of information including classified ads, references to vendors, landscapers etc. Importantly, because Nextdoor provides for mobile access, we will also use it to communicate information affecting security and safety. There is no cost to you to join or maintain your use of Nextdoor. Your voluntary participation in this community group will help you stay in touch with all of the more casual aspects and activities here in our neighborhood. Please consider joining our Nextdoor community group at:
If you require any help or assistance with Nextdoor, please contact Nanette Rizzo at