Groups and Clubs

Book Club

Residents of Ethan’s Glen are invited to join their neighbors for a monthly book discussion. Our group has been meeting monthly for over 10 years to discuss works of fiction and nonfiction. Members take turns hosting either in their home or the clubhouse, providing light appetizers, desserts and beverages. Book sponsors lead the discussion of a book of their choice, based upon their research of the book and author.

 The group meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm. We meet year round but do not discuss books during July, August or December, when we have social events. If you enjoy reading, lively discussions and socializing with your neighbors, we’d love to have you join us. Please contact HRW for additional information

Community Watch

The primary function of the Neighborhood Watch Committee is to establish and maintain a strong network of active volunteers who focus on improving neighborhood safety, crime prevention and awareness regarding security matters that impact our community.  Volunteers serve as Block Captains, acting as liaisons to residents in a defined area of Ethan’s Glen and The Gates, to communicate suspicious activities, safety information and security tips in a timely and effective manner.   Various informational and education seminars from law enforcement and various security-related entities are held for all residents throughout the calendar year